Dog food: ingredients and information

dog eatingIt has to feed many ways his dog, in addition to the finished feed as dry and wet food has di-cooked opportunity to feeding. Everyone must decide for themselves which is the best way for himself and his dog. If you decide on a high quality dry food, you can be sure that the dog is supplied with everything he needs. Good food is balanced and should not be supplemented with vitamins or minerals! The lining becomes unbalanced and in the long run, but especially in growth, damage may result.
Also a good wet food provides the dog with everything he needs, in contrast to the dry food consistency and the smell of a dog is tight pants and is often eaten. However, a diet with only wet food usually more expensive since you first volume terms, more feeding needs than dry food, water, and secondly, every time a new package (can) pay full price.

What should be included in the diet?

The ingredients:

Meat main component of a good chuck should be not crop!
So a look at the ingredients worthwhile. The ingredients are listed in the order to the amount in the feed. What comes first is (mostly) and the material of which it is most contain. But beware, meat must also be weighed before drying and then the indication is of course higher than if the meat then dried and the food is supplied.

Does not need a good feed?

dog food

Caution in inaccurate information content.
Animal by-products: Here is crucial to which by-products are. By-products in food quality as a supplement in order. Here you have to rely on the manufacturer, details of the by-products should be in the content information. By-products which do not fall under “food quality”, should not be included. It is offal, which are not suitable for human consumption.
Vegetable by-products are usually all sorts of inferior vegetable waste.
Grain: forage which focuses grain, corn or other cereals in the first place, are not exactly high quality. Cereal is a good filler, dogs need in their food than cereals.
Warning: Many manufacturers try to disguise the real total amount of grain in which they list it in several places with different names. So can be contained in a feed: corn, grain, rice, corn flour, rice bran, corn gluten, barley, maize flour, maize gluten, etc.
Thus it may be that the total proportion of cereals in truth is much higher than it looks at first glance.
Sugar is one of course in no dog food, but is often there, especially in the supermarket food. Affected are dry food, wet food, and especially treats and Kaunkochen.
Inaccurate Information:
A high-quality forage has exactly Listings comprising meat, how much; which plant parts.
Inaccurate information may include: oils and fats (which?), Vegetable by-products, cereals (What?).
Color and flavor e, are also unnecessary.
Look for compatibility and digestibility, you see your dog. Does he have a shiny coat, beautiful skin without many dandruff, smells pleasant, solid feces and no excessive amount of feces, the food is well tolerated.

What can I enter in addition?

To bring a little variety to the dog food you can feed off and complement:

  • Good oils (sunflower oil, linseed oil, safflower oil, olive oil, etc.)
  • Fruits and vegetables (preferably pureed, because dogs can not digest the cell walls and with a dash of oil to utilize the fat-soluble vitamins)
  • Meat and bone (except pork can all be given raw, but due to different digestion times, not with dry food together. No cooked bones as these heat through the have become porous and can splinter.)
  • Dairy products (skimmed curd, cottage cheese, cheese, natural yoghurt milk, etc. can not tolerate most dogs, it is tolerated, it is not a problem) providing valuable proteins.
  • Natural nibbles (bullwhip, dried meat, dried tripe, dried tendons, lung, stomach, etc.)

puppy eatingPuppy food:
Calcium-phosphorus ratio:
Important for optimal growth above all in large breeds, the ratio of Calium and phosphorus in the diet. For puppies a good ratio 1.5 should: 1 (calcium, phosphorus) amount.
Overweight the puppy is very unhealthy and can leave at the still soft bones, ligaments and tendons permanent damage.
Underweight is also poor, hungry puppies can learn poorly and can not concentrate.
Is a balanced compound feed fed, vitamin and mineral supplements are dangerous.


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