Hero Dog Saves Woman from Venomous Snake

A three-year-old black Lab named Dante showed such astonishing bravery—and suffered such dire consequences—in saving a woman from a venomous cottonmouth in Florida that you can’t help but be amazed. Gudrun Mastriano, of Kissimmee, was walking Dante, when a short, aggressive snake appeared in the path in front of them. When the snake lunged at Mastriano, Dante jumped in front of her, grabbed the snake in his jaws, and dragged it away. Although Mastriano didn’t know it immediately, the dog had suffered two life-threatening bites, to his snout and leg. The story of Dante’s treatment, outlined in the video above, is pretty remarkable, involving a new hyperbaric chamber.

Source: http://www.orvisnews.com/Dogs/Hero%20Dog%20Saves%20Woman%20from%20Poisonous%20Snake.aspx

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