Basenji a Egyptian Dog

The Basenji is a small to medium sized dog weighing between 22 to 25 pounds. Their height is around 15" to 17". Known as the barkless dog, the Basenji (bah-SEN-gee) makes a low howl/moaning/yodeling sound instead of barking. They are also called the Congo Dog. The smooth, shiny, dense

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Training Your Dog To Sit

The trick of “sitting up” is easily taught to small dogs, but should try not be included in a big dog’s education, as it is difficult for them to preserve their balance. The training of sitting up is one of the first tricks to teach and forms the groundwork

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The Shih Tzu Breed: A Lovely small dog

The Shih Tzu is a toy dog; characterized by its proud, sturdy and miniature stature - this dog breed is one of the most popular of the miniature breeds. But did you know it was originally bred to look like a lion? The Shih Tzu's regal attitude is as

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Care for your senior dog

Your senior dog has given you many wonderful years of companionship. Don't you owe it to him to make sure his later years are easy and comfortable? How do you know if your dog is approaching his golden years? Different breeds of dogs mature at different rates, but a

Training an agressive Dog

Dogs are a man’s best friend. That has always been the belief ever since. Why not? Because of their care, loyalty and sweetness to their owners, people will have a hard time not loving them. Unfortunately for some dog owners and some people, the dog becomes their worst enemy.

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