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Choose Safe Dog Toys, and games for your Small Dog

Small Dog

Choosing the appropriate toys will make your small dog’s playtime better, while reducing his possibility of damage. Secure toys for your small dog can be bought from pet provide shops or even made from home goods, but it’s good to keep these few primary protection issues in mind. Size

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Proper Diet For Your Dog

The dietary regimen is an important aspect of survival. The objective of dietary management is to meet the basic nutritional requirements of the individual with proper proportions of protein, carbohydrates, and fat in a well-balanced diet that will promote optimal body weight. Generally, these dietary regimens are employed to

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This dog plays better Basketball than you! [Video]

A border collie from Del mar, California, Petey excels as volleyball and skateboarding, as well. In case you’re worried that hitting a basketball with his mouth could hurt the dog, Petey’s owner writes, “We are using a special volleyball that is soft on his mouth. Also, he is wearing

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