The Belgian Shepherd

belgian shepherdThe elegant-looking Belgian Sheepdog is a close relative of the German Shepherd and is grown in 4 variants. The same type of dog there is in the Netherlands under the name Dutch Shepherd Dog. Originally both from the same area, only the separation of Holland and the resulting independence of Belgium was the breed name “Belgian Sheepdog” after breeding can vary the nature of the Belgian Shepherd between nervous and shy, aggressive and anxious. Therefore, an accurate selection and good socialization are essential. Also known under the name Chien de Berger Belge dog is generally a very challenging animal in need of consistent dog training as well as a variety of employment. He is very versatile.

Initially, the Belgian Shepherd Dogs were no specific breed but rather exclusively working dogs of the shepherds and farmers, the paired animals depending on fitness for work with each other. It was not until the late 19th century began to be to breed the dogs by their appearance.

With a height at withers 60-66 cm in males and 56-62 cm in the bitch and weighing 25-35 kg and 20-25 kg it is one of the large breeds . They are 10 to 14 years old. As already mentioned, it is grown in four varieties: The Groenendael is black and long-haired, the Tervueren reddish brown, fawn or black overlay and long-haired, short-haired the Malinois and the Laekenois rauhaarig rare.
But in fact there are only three genes that can distinguish between the different types: the length of fur, the fur for texture and the color. This results in the following differences: 1. short or long, smooth or rough coat 2 and 3 fawn with black mask or. A dog of this breed looks classy and elegant due to its upright head. The scalp fits close to the skull. Despite his size, the Belgian Shepherd is not a bulky animal, his bone structure is light. It can be argued that the ideal dog shaped when viewed from the side, is square.

Character of the Belgian Shepherd

High intelligence, loyalty, faithfulness, and great activity, which are properties that are attributed to the Belgian shepherd dog. As almost any herding dog also has this breed a strong bond with their human pack leader. Your protective instinct is extremely educated, so that they defend people and home to the utmost. Strangers, these dogs are rather suspicious. Because he is full of energy, the Belgian Shepherd should also be busy enough. If this is done too little, show extreme behavioral problems, to destructive, aggressive behavior. For this reason, one he heard only in the hands of experienced, consistent and loving dog owners who can afford time for the animal sufficient. Besides long walks is dog sports of any kind, the ideal employment to stimulate the mind and body of the dog. At least two hours a day should be estimated for him. Just because it is a large dog, a proper socialization is particularly important.

The Belgian Shepherd

The Belgian Shepherd is dominant but still sensitive, so that the appropriate dog training is best carried out under professional supervision. As a beginner dog he is not. Because of his intelligence, coupled with its versatility, is the Belgian Shepherd also in different areas of use. In addition to the family dog ​​he can for protection and herding dog, working dog as well as the pastoral and the service dog for police, customs and are trained in personal protection.

Cares of the Belgian Shepherd

The burden for the maintenance of the Belgian Shepherd depends on the skin type. The Malinois need about once a week grooming in the form of brushes. Ears, teeth and paws, should also be investigated. Twice a year this guy changes his fur, then the dog is losing large amounts of hair, and you should brush it every day. Groenendael and Tervueren must be brushed with their thick fur and loose undercoat several times a week. Although the coat is not prone to matting, loose undercoat should still be regularly removed. As already mentioned, the Belgian Shepherd Dogs not only need a lot of exercise but also employment, so that you have to invest as much time dog owners.belgian shepherd

It is the ideal companion for cycling as well as in endurance racing. Due to its movement urge he is to hold only limited in a city apartment, what is important to remember when considering a buy Belgian Shepherd wants. The need for dog food depends on the operation and otherwise meets the needs of most breeds. As with all large breeds is a puppy in puppy food to ensure that the calcium dosage agrees to make no irregular bone growth feed.

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