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Sleepy Puppy Falls Asleep On Baby


What is cuter than a baby and a puppy? Not much, except perhaps a sleeping baby and puppy. This adorable video was posted in 2012, but has only gone viral over the past few months with over 27 million new views! This is the adorable moment a recently rescued

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Dog rescue: Rosie and her family [Video]

This video is so important because of the cool new trick. Please share it with everybody you know… it can help save the lives of so many. Always remember to be VERY CAREFUL when approaching puppies – especially when you don’t know how the mom would behave. It can

Sweet Dreams of a Bulldog Puppy [Video]

Susie Q is knocked out. Here’s a video with no grand message, no exciting action, and no words at all. It’s just a sweet puppy named Susie Q dreaming to her heart’s content. I find it relaxing, amusing, and endearing all at once.

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Hero Dog Saves Woman from Venomous Snake


A three-year-old black Lab named Dante showed such astonishing bravery—and suffered such dire consequences—in saving a woman from a venomous cottonmouth in Florida that you can’t help but be amazed. Gudrun Mastriano, of Kissimmee, was walking Dante, when a short, aggressive snake appeared in the path in front of

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Useful Dog Tricks [Video]

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Amazing dog helping with housework Jesse’s back, and this time he tackles chores that most humans wouldn’t find enjoyable; complete with his award-winning smile. He also finds new ways to help out around the house; including vacuuming, dusting, cleaning up puddles, as well as being a well-rounded member of

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